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01:56 pm: I geuss its time
Well I've been pining over this for awhile now. And now I know its time to move on with my life. But where to go from here...Thats the Q. I do have A few options, which one is the best? Move in with a friend of mine, maybe. move in with some girls I know, maybe. or get my own place again. I did enjoy living alone, mostly. But where? Not back to the country that kinda sucked... do I stay in blissfield to be close to my daughter, back to Adrian where I grow up? clayton where most of my friends, and family live. Adrian dose sound best...but where, where I feel like I fit in the best which is the shittier part of town. Or should I stride for better more peacful more boreing part of town...do I have any friends left in adrian? or have I cut to many bonds? maybe I should just take that transfer I was offered and move to texas? Not without my daughter. all I know for sure is that I cant have a life living here under these conditions...

I need some time to find myself, I need to stop thinking about whats best for other people. they sure in the hell dont consider me or my feelings. I need to get drunk! havent drunk since new years, that wasnt even all that much. why did I stop drinking..I use to have alot of fun.

It is time to start over agian..Frist things frist reastablish my relationships with my friends. that starts this weekend when I will actualy have alittle money. then women, I need to meet someone who just takes my breath away. no more married women(too much stress) no more liebiens who hides the fact they want a man every once in awhile(tired of hiding). no more young 20ish girls(to imature)...if anyone ever reads this dont think I'm that cool..this spands awhile.

Still try ing to figure out what I really want. I hope I'm smart enough to know it when I find it.

Current Mood: determined


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Date:January 9th, 2006 07:18 am (UTC)
I hope you're able to find that happy medium! (Hell, if you do, let me know what ya did :) )
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Date:January 10th, 2006 11:04 pm (UTC)

help, please!

1st I'll be honest when it comes to computor's...well I'm stupid. How did you get that rotating pentagram. not that I want to steal yours, but how go you do that. I've seen some cool stuff, that I just cant do.
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Date:January 11th, 2006 03:55 am (UTC)

Re: help, please!

I have a bunch of different pictures that I use (though I only have a couple saved as my pictures on here, the rest I use on MSN) If I see an image I like, whether it is for here/msn/whatever, I right-click on the image and select 'save this picture'. (You choose where you want to save it to, and then go into your options for lj and select those files for use) I can explain it more specfically if you need!

Also, allot of folks use programs like photoshop to make their own 'icons'. Or you can find places on lj to get icons from that other people have made to share.

Hope that helps :)
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Date:January 10th, 2006 01:19 am (UTC)

happieness isnt real!

I well find a better plan of existist, it might not be happier, but it will consist of alot less stress. I cant be happy god hates me, wonder what I ever did to HER! seriously I cant find happieness, becouse I dont know what would make me happy. women come and go, the ones I like alot dont like me..the ones that like me, I dont like much. Maybe I like being alone, maybe I'm destend to live as a loner.
Maybe I work 60 hours a week and cant find time to do anything else.

If by some chance I do figure out any of life's little secerts I will pass them all on to you. I might need to asend 1st.(startgate refrence, if you dont know).
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