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10:33 am: self truth
Today I face a harsh truth...The truth about my life! You see I have so many issue's its hard to even know where to begin. I'm alittle parainiod, I suffer from some form of depression, I allowe myself to live in a fantasy world, and I know all of this so to hide from myself I stay high as a kit. that dont always work.
I'm not a bad guy, I actuly think I'm to nice. I blamed my lack of social life on my work life. My work life dose take up alot of my time but it is an excuse. I know that! I just have no drive to do anything, nothing seems fun.
I know I need to fix this..and fix it now! and I do know where to start. its just a matter of taking that frist step. Its hard. wish I had someone to stand by me and help me along the way. But I dont....alone as always. the shittyest thing is its all my fault. why do I allowe this to continue?
I know why I'm pathidic, I'm weak, and I'm scared. I need to find my path, and I need to find it fast. I know I cant go on like this much longer. I'll snap. Where do I find the strength? where do I find the will?

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