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02:13 am: moving on
monday, it seems I forgot all about this site. or maybe I just got tired of always posting negative feelings. well this is another one.
I feel like I have givin all that I can, I do as much as I can (for her), I wont even get into the latest stuff. I will say this if I dont get laid soon I'm going to explode.
I do know that the way things are going well it seems to be making it easyier for me to move on, move out, get on with my life. I mean if this is the best I can get from her, then why stay? she knows how much power she has over me. and that sucks. but what she dosent know is, it's not nearly enough.. not without knowing how she truly feels about me. I've stuck around, put up with alot, done every thing I could to keep my family together. I have nothing to feel giulty about.
so since she will never tell me what I want/need to hear, and it seems our livies are going to take different forks in the same road. I geuss its time to start saving for my own place. it hurts to think about leaving her and my daughter, but life will go on....till next time bye

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Date:July 11th, 2006 10:33 am (UTC)


I was just roaming lj and happened across some Adrian Michigan people.

Looks like you have had some hard times. I wasn't very happy when I lived in Adrian, but ever since I left the city, I've been very happy. Maybe you should try a move in your life :-) Good luck hon.
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