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05:58 pm: what the fuck...
I'll tell you... if it wasnt for bad luck i wouldnt have any luck at all.
The other day my truck took a shit, no biggy..it's old, beat up. hell I'm shocked it runs as good as it dose. But it's done. I do have another car a 95 prisim, its nice everything but the fact it needs a motor. No I didnt blow it I bought it from my brother in-law. His dumbass blow it. And I wont have the extra money to put into it till the middle of march, so I suck right now. PLUS..I'v been working with my supervisor for the last 3 weeks (can we say stress!). This guy will make shit up to bitch about. Dont get me wronge he knows A hell of alote more then I do, But just becouse its not the way he ran his crew that makes it wronge. Al's an asshole, slave driving bastrd. some of the shit he tells me about "WHEN I WAS A FORMAN" I know I couldnt work for him. But he has taught me a few cool things. The best guy I had on my crew stopped showing up, yes just stopped showing up, didnt quite, didnt get fired, just stopped showing up, and he wasnt taking calls from work related people. The worst thing about that is he was my friend (I thought). I dont mind him quiting but he should have told me about it.
There's my total lack of motivation. which I believe is a result of my stress, lack of luck, and sex (lack of that is), so I'm going to try to make myself do somthing tomarrow with my daughter. Maybe I'll take her shopping...with all the money I dont have.

Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
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