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02:32 am: A great memorie

  It was a warm,  peacful early summer day. I was 12 years old. I was dateing a girl (jenny) whom was 16. Around ten o'clock in he morning, Jenny and her friend Julie (which was my brother's grilfriend) dropped over to hang out.  They came so early so my dad wouldnt be there.

  Not long after they arrived My brother( nate) and Julie disappeared to his room.  Jenny took me by the hand and lead me to my room. Once inside we began to foul around. It wasnt the frist time we messed around, she was my frist real everything. My 1st kiss, my 1st tities, the 1st girl to rub  touch and play with me.

   After a few miniuts of messing around Jenny stopped me and said "you better pull out" I replyed wih somthing stupid like "what, you dont think I will"...honestly I was 12, and I had no idea what she meant. All I knew was I didnt want to stop. Well she started undressing what close she had left on, it took me about 10 seconds to get all my close off...she laid back spead eagle like and beackened me to her with her finger. I crawled on the bed right over her. Her hand slid down and she stated stroking my privates and rubbing it against her moist, soft, tender lips. While I was kissing on her neck and breast, playing with those nipple's and seeing how far down her thoat I could get my tonge. (back then it was the only way I knew how to use my tonge).  Then she slid it in and said "push" so I pushed it in the rest of the way. The 1st stroke nice and slow as I tried to take in all the pleasure I was feeling. Her legs wrapped around me as we started grinding against one another. The friction, the sweat, the way our body's fit together.  It was the best day of my life (at the time). after what felt like a few min's she stopped me and wanted to switch positions..so I rolled over and she climbed on, she slid it back in and proceded to grind. she started those hips thursting back and forth, back and forth, as I had one hand masaging her breast, pinching her nipples and the other grabbing her ass.   It didnt take her long to wear herself out, and I saw she was getting tired she I rolled her back over. when I did she stopped me again  then she put her legs up on my shoulder's. I can still remember that feeling, somthing about that position, well I just got hard sitting her thinking about it, Once she did that I leaned down in to her pushing against her then I started driving into her deeper and deeper, and as fast as my little ass could pump...It was over  What a sensation, it was overwelming I remember feeling totaly relaxed and exsushted and so so soooooo pleased!     .....Thats when I was not so kindly reminded about pulling out!    then it clicked...oh I get it! "fuck"

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