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02:09 am: its monday again.
Well its monday which means time to get back to work. Its not that I hate my job, cause I realy dont...I enjoy it most of the time. But when it feels like all I ever do is work, it starts to get to me.. since I moved back in with my ex, my social life has sucked. I seemed to have lost all motivation to do anything. and it has started pissing me off. why do I sit here bored out of my mind. Oh yeah I have no where else to go...havent seen any friends in awhile so i just cant stop over uninvited, realy need to make new friends, need to find fun people to hang out with. need to find somthing that draws my interest. Ok I'll be honest I need to stop being stonned all the fucken time, thats what makes me sit here and vegg out.

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Date:January 26th, 2006 12:24 am (UTC)

Re: I'll share my coffee.. its strong enough to curl your pubes!

totaly with you on the whole turn on thing...but I'm a guy, not much dont turn me on. sorry to hear about the happy trail, I shave my stomach, chest, face and pubes. I wasnt ever very hairy anyway.

I did get the coffee coment....love stronge coffee.
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